Congregational Life
Called to be a Light in the Rockfish Valley
Serving GOD with JOY and GENEROSITY

Administrative: Chair & Session liaison, Peggy Toms

Write brief report to Session as needed and take any recommendations.
Write or coordinate with Church Administrator for newsletter articles.
Meet as needed to work on issues that arise.
Communicate by email.

Oversight of Kitchen and Supplies (ongoing): Sally Wright, Peggy Toms

Purchase and maintain all basic kitchen supplies. Use the Church’s Sam’s or Costco Club card when
Ensure kitchen is in good order between Sundays.
Develop budget annually to cover expenses.
Organize “kitchen cleaning” when needed.

Card Ministry: Kelley Alexander, Nan Varnadoe, Ann Iverson, Peggy Toms, Sue Fulton
Send cards in the name of the church to members and friends known to have experienced illness, injury,
death, or any kind of difficult time either personally or within their family.
Send cards recognizing an important milestone of a church member, such as birth of a child,
anniversary, or marriage.
Card ministers communicate with each other to determine needs and cover absences.

Memorial Service/Funeral Receptions:  Sue Fulton, Peggy Toms, Kelley Alexander
Coordinate with pastor to provide a simple reception, according to the Memorial Service guidelines
(coffee, cold beverages, light finger food, veggies, fruit, sweets, cheese and crackers, nuts, etc.)
Communication shall be sent from the church office to the congregation.
Communication shall be sent to memorial service food volunteers from the committee contact persons.

Fellowship Events (generally 2 or 3 per year, to be coordinated with Pastor):

Late winter or early spring event
Summer picnic, in the pavilion (weather permitting)
Fall event

Meal Ministry:  Sally Wright, Peggy Toms, Sue Fulton, Kelley Alexander
In times of bereavement, serious illness, surgery, or when incapacitated, the Meal Team helps to
coordinate and provide meals as needed. The website can be used as well as
calling those willing to prepare food.

Visitor Cards:  Linda Wilk, Alice Murphy, Betty Wrenn, Dottie Winter

Work with church office and pastor to obtain a list of recent visitors.
Follow up with a card to visitors encouraging them to come again.
Determine monthly card writer schedule and submit to church office.

Newcomer Bread Ministry:  John Porter

Work with church office and card senders to obtain information about repeat visitors.
Create a small basket of treats (coffee, cookies, etc) or bread.
Deliver basket/bread to newcomer or ask pastor to deliver.

Coffee Hour:  Leslie Buchanan, Peggy Toms, MaryDudley Eggleston

Implement & maintain a sign up system (bulletin board) for volunteers.
Communicate needs to the congregation, encourage participation.
Mentor & assist new volunteers.
Communicate and work with the kitchen oversight persons to help maintain adequate supplies.

Bulletin Boards: Church Administrator, Peggy Toms, MaryDudley Eggleston

Take pictures of new members and post on bulletin board (with permission)
Maintain and keep bulletin boards current and tidy.

Name Tags: Church Administrator, all committee members

Maintain sign up area for name tags.
Assist Church Administrator as needed.
Encourage congregants to wear name tags.

Directory: Chair, Church Administrator, designated photographers

Update church pictorial directory every 3 years.
Assist with production & distribution of directory.

Note: The above listed persons are primary contacts for those noted tasks & missions.
All Congregational Life Ministry Team members (as well as other occasional volunteers) are involved
with and assist with most events and activities as needed.